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Tech companies are inundated with problems that eat into their capital efficiencies. 

In a world where startups need to move fast, hiring has been and continues to be a massive bottleneck for teams. Due to the current state of recruitment, volume of irrelevant applicants, high churn rates, the process is slow, costly, and bottlenecks companies from scaling quickly.

High Churn Rates

Tech employee turnover in the U.S. is a staggering 24.4%, with 72% considering quitting within a year.

Lengthy Time to Hire

The average 45-60+ day hiring process leads to lost productivity and delayed projects.

Overwhelming application volume

Sifting through hundreds or thousands of irrelevant resumes is time-consuming and inefficient.


Coupled with process inefficiencies the premium prices on U.S talent don’t always guarantee premium quality or expertise. 

NoFUD is the ultimate solution for streamlined and cost-effective tech hiring

NoFUD empowers companies to access a vast pool of highly skilled Designers, Developers, and DevOps professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team. By leveraging our innovative platform and cost-effective talent solutions, leaders can focus on what matters most: driving your business forward.

Highly curated talent network

Access pre-screened, top-quality tech professionals, onboarded in as little as 2 weeks. We use a blend of automation, AI, and in-person talent review to ensure only top tier talent is onboarded onto our network. 

Cost Effective

We’re US based, but our cost-effective Latin American talent pool reduces costs by 20-50%, and due to our specially designed compensation packages our top-tier talent incentivized to stay.

Streamlined Search

Hiring managers can easily access relevant and top-tier talent in our network, or request a talent search, which on average takes 2-3 weeks, we save time alloted to  resume review by 90%, so leaders can  focus on what’s important. 

NoFUD is the ultimate solution for streamlined and cost-effective tech hiring

Managed or Self-Service

NoFUD’s self-service platform streamlines the hiring process, enabling managers to efficiently search for qualified candidates, seamlessly schedule interviews, and onboard the ideal talent onto the platform.

Uniquely, all personnel commence their tenure as individual contributors (ICs), a strategic approach that mitigates potential risks should circumstances necessitate a parting of ways. This preemptive measure safeguards the company’s interests while maintaining a flexible and adaptable workforce.

Regulatory Compliance

NoFUD is a comprehensive solution designed to handle all aspects of local compliance, regulations, and payments. By streamlining these complex processes, NoFUD helps companies navigate the use of EOR providers, while ensuring adherence to local laws and regulations.

Leveraging NoFUD’s comprehensive solution, businesses can confidently expand their teams knowing that they have a reliable partner to handle local compliance, regulations, and payments. This allows companies to focus on their core business activities.

Available for Big Teams

Our objective is to nail the matching process with our first talent package presented to your portfolio and affiliated companies. We are typically able to source and match the right talent to the client needs in 1 – 3 weeks and our clients often only need a single round of interviews to make their decision. Our talent is high-quality and affordable, enabling startups to save time and resources to reach product-market fit, or general product development objectives, with high velocity and effectiveness, supporting hiring even in the tens of people. 

Benefits for Your Portfolio Companies 

Our team is made up of serial startup entrepreneurs who are alumni and mentors of accelerator programs, and various venture funds.

We are intimately aware of the needs of accelerator stage companies and we leverage decades of go-to-market expertise with our technical evaluation team to pair the best talent for each client.

10% Discount Through Series A

5% Discount Through Series B

Fee waiver for 4 streamlined searches annually.

For your portfolio companies, we’re here.

Want to learn more, set up a call with our CEO. 


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