“We’ve experienced the challenges of working with external contractors firsthand, both in-house and at agencies. Our solution is to streamline nearshore hiring for designers, developers, DevOps, and interim executives.”

Talent for all budgets.

Forget the hassle of searching for candidates, enduring lengthy interviews, and struggling to align talent with your budget, all while your product development lags.

Our goal is to work with a variety of budgets, provided they meet our baseline commitment criteria. Based on your budget, we’ll match you with the finest talent available within that range. 

By utilizing nearshore and offshore resources operating in U.S. hours, we offer access to superior talent at a lower cost compared to onshore alternatives.

Getting goals quicker.

Our aim is to expedite your hiring process, ensuring your team quickly focuses on strategic objectives. We understand the time it takes to find the right talent, so we’ve thoroughly vetted our contractors to meet NoFUD’s stringent quality standards.

You have the flexibility to interview a select few or start immediately with any of our pre-approved contractors.

If a contractor doesn’t fit, simply inform us for an easy swap, eliminating HR complexities and ensuring high-quality work.

How it works. 


Fill out our intake form, and shcedule your consultation call. The form lets us know who you’re looking for so we can hit the ground running when we speak. 

Talent Database

After our consultation we will hand select talent for your review, evaluation, acceptance, and onboarding to your team, where you’ll be able to manage each NoFUD contractor just like an FTE. 


We cover payroll, onboarding, training, compliance and employment verification, and we are moving towards automated billing. 


"Awesome, thank you. NoFUD has really gotten us out of a pickle - we had to ship product and could not find the talent needed to scale up for a year and then kept half the team on after we shipped and saled back velocity.


For all the ways you work, we’re here

To get you best talent, at the best rate in as little time as possible. 


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