A rapidly growing unicorn startup, focused on developing innovative neighborhood safety technology solutions, faced significant challenges in scaling its product design capabilities to meet the surging demand for its services. The startup, though flush with funding, needed to maintain agility and cost efficiency in its operations, especially in the highly competitive tech space.


The primary challenge was accelerating the product design process without exponentially increasing overhead costs. The startup’s internal design team was overwhelmed, leading to delays in product development and updates. Hiring full-time, in-house designers in their local market was not cost-effective due to high salary expectations and the competitive job market, nor did they need full-time resources for all projects.

Solution: No FUD Fractional Design Talent

The startup decided to leverage a staff augmentation model by partnering with NoFUD. This approach allowed the startup to:

  • Access Specialized Skills: They quickly onboarded a highly skilled designer with experience in applications, dashboards and brand design, bridging the skill gap in their existing team.
  • Maintain Cost Efficiency: The cost of hiring though NoFUD was significantly lower than the local talent, without compromising on quality. This alignment with the startup’s budget constraints enabled them to allocate resources more effectively across other areas of development.
  • Ensure Flexibility and Scalability: The NoFUD model provided the flexibility to scale the design team up or down based on project requirements. This agility was crucial for the startup’s dynamic project timelines and evolving design needs.


  • Integration: The designer was integrated into the existing product design team, working remotely but closely coordinated through daily stand-ups and collaborative tools.
  • Collaboration: Despite the geographical distance, the time zone overlap between the startup and the fractional designer ensured seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Knowledge Transfer: The arrangement facilitated a two-way knowledge transfer, where the fractional designer brought fresh perspectives and best practices to the team, while also gaining insights into the startup’s innovative fintech solutions.


  • Accelerated Product Design: The inclusion of the designer enabled the startup to accelerate its product design cycle, reducing time-to-market for new features and updates.
  • Cost Savings: The staff augmentation model resulted in significant cost savings compared to the alternative of hiring additional full-time in-house designers.
  • Increased Productivity: The startup’s design team experienced a boost in productivity and morale, as the workload was more evenly distributed, allowing for a focus on innovation and quality.

Leveraging NoFUD’s design talent through a staff augmentation model proved to be a highly effective strategy for this unicorn startup. It not only addressed their immediate need for specialized design skills but did so in a cost-efficient and flexible manner.

This case study exemplifies how startups, especially in high-growth phases, can benefit from staff augmentation and fractional design services to scale their operations quickly and efficiently without the burden of increased fixed costs. The success of this strategy has positioned the startup to continue its rapid growth trajectory, with a strong focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction.